Zuchthof Hampe

"I don´t know any other country, that is so perfect for horsebreeding as Mecklenburg!"
(words of the earlier Celler Landstallmeister von Spörcken)

Zuchthof Hampe is situated at the mecklenburg coast of the Baltic Sea in wonderful landscape near the beautyful city Wismar - from were you can see the big water.

Our stud farm had been breeding horses professional since 1990. But also since 1975 we had breed in the family successful sport horses as hobby (like Midea by Mistral II – at that time the most successful jumper in Italy).

The private horsebreeding in time of the GDR (East Germany), was very difficult - you had need a lot of good ideas for organize horsefood and other materials. So it was only possible as hobby not as profession.

1990 I started with some fine selected Mecklenburg broodmares by Diskant, Leonardo, Mars, Jura, Grollus xx, Istro and Distello my professional breed.

Times by time further interesting mares have been bought by me. No borderlines could stop me now to use the world-famous sires for breed jumpers. So we started to use the stallions from Holstein and Oldenburg. The first fillies from this combinations (from sires like Grannus, Argentinus, Acord II, Mytens xx) weren`t sold, we used them for our own breeding instead.

Meanwhile horses out of my farm are successful in sports as well as in breed in different countries around the world (Polen, England, Schweden, Frankreich, Dänemark, Italien, Niederlande, USA, Brasilien, Argentinien...) like Arthemis by Acord II (international showjumper with Mynou Diederichsmeyer), Mynos by Mytens xx (licensed sire and showjumper/hunter in USA), Caballus Z by Caretano Z (licensed sire and show jumper in Poland).

In the beginning of the 90th I couldn`t agree with the breeding-philosophy of the Mecklenburg Horse breeding Association, so I transferred my mares completely to Studbook Zangersheide. There I could without any problems follow my ideas and decide for all my breeding wishes by myself. Meanwhile the Mecklenburg Horse breeding Association has become open for the ideas and wishes of the modern breeders of sport horses too and gives now a good home for intelligent breeders.

In this spirit I stayed true to myself and breed with the best broodmare-families in combination with first-class international successful sires.
Now, at the age of 70 I finished to breed horses, and changed my place of residence at the same time. That`s no reason to be shed for you my friends and breeding-colleagues.

Contact me I am available for you in following issues:

Breeding Advice
Sperm trading
Sport horse trading of all ages and classes

Hoping for a good cooperation.

Uwe Hampe