history of Zierow

horsebreeding on history ground - the legend of Robin Hood xx

Zierow has a long tradition in history of mecklenburg-hanoverian horsebreeding.

Here lived the barons Gottlieb and Wilhelm of Biel which were very impressed of the very fast horses from english soldiers in the Napoelon´s war. So they initiated the import of thouroughbreds from England and starts the breed of thouroughbed and halfblood-horses in their studs of Zierow and Weitendorf (Eggerstorf is a piece of Zierow and is situated between Zierow and Weitendorf) near Hanse-city Wismar.The racehorses were trained at the beach of Zierow and at a small training-course near the beach.

Der bigger dukes in Mecklenburg also starts to breed "racehorses". Of initiative from the barons of Biel 1822 was founded the first racecourse at the European continent in Bad Doberan.

In Zierow was very important the sire ROBIN HOOD xx by Muley xx (breed in England). Around 12 sons by Robin Hood xx were placed for breeding in Landgestüt Celle (Hannover). His son Black Comet was very famous via his sons and grandsons - he founded the mecklenburg-hanoverian Flinggarth-Fling-line.

The legend know that on of the brothers of Biel was the famous breeder and the other one was the player and drinker. After the horsebreeder of the barons was death, the other brother has done a bet. He said that the stallion Robin Hood xx will go in a special part of time from home to Lübeck (other speaks from Hamburg!!) and back without problems. He said he starts this project. The stallion arrived the way back, but short before he arrived the finishing line (around 3 km before the homestable was arrived) - in Stofferstorf - he brake down and died.

At the former inn of Stofferstorf (today a dwelling house) they placed a sign with the name of "Robin Hood", you can see it good from the federal road B 105.